Music speaks a universal language. Enthralling listeners, enchanting patrons and stirring souls, music continues to be the most beloved charmer of the entire human race.

The piano has especially enchanted millions of listeners over centuries. As the piano plays, it inspires. Millions aspire to create magic on this instrument and enchant listeners. Few however get the opportunity to tap and hone their innate talents and create and carry forward the legacy of this magical instrument.

To give an opportunity to all music lovers to tap and hone their musical talents, noted pianist and teacher Ankita Kumar launches Colors of Music - a school of music welcoming students of all ages to train in the piano. Colors of Music positions itself as a unique school where learning by the book and by the ear go hand in hand. This to train the mind and the ear, both of which are imperative to good piano playing.

Colors of Music with its unique syllabus and one to one training methodology aims to provide every student an all rounded orientation and education of the piano. It aims to make learning the piano accessible to all aspirants from all walks of life. With its intensive programme, included in which are student interactive sessions, rhythm corrective classes, and playing with accompanying instruments- the school sets the student for complete education of the piano.

COLORS OF MUSIC aims to set the highest standards in piano training. We invite you to be part of the COLORS OF MUSIC experience!